Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Payment Plan

  • We are offering a payment plan option for orders that include the Full Set (4) of Thundercats ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figures. Additional individual figures can be ordered with a Full Set. The payment plan will break your purchase into 3 separate payments (inclusive of shipping costs) and will be managed by our partner
  • Only credit cards can be used for payment plan orders.
  • All orders using the payment plan will include a 5% service charge to cover additional fees associated with the plan.
  • The initial pre-order payment will be 34% of the total order amount which will also serve as a non-refundable deposit towards the order. The 2 remaining payments of 33% each will follow every 4 weeks. Payments will be based on the date when you place your initial order and subsequent payments will be 4 weeks later (i.e. If you order on April 1st, your next payment will be on/about May 1st, and final payment on/about June 1st). All 3 payments will be inclusive of the shipping costs for the order.
  • This will be an automated process and orders that do not complete the payment process will be subject to cancellation.

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